College 入学 Officers

Thank you for your interest in 波士顿大学 Academy. As former admission officers, we understand the service you provide our students as you race around the country meeting with as many high schoolers as you can, decipher hundreds (or thousands!成绩单), wade through essays and teacher recommendations, and ultimately try to find the right match between qualified candidates and your institution. We hope the information provided 在这里 facilitates your experience visiting our campus and/or reading applications from bbin娱乐平台 students.

Reading bbin娱乐平台 Student Applications

As you read our students’ applications, please do not hesitate to be in touch with any questions.  We hope that our transcripts, school forms (when used in place of standard forms), and recommendation letters are clear and informative.  The following links may be helpful in understanding our program:

Visiting 波士顿大学 Academy

We typically host between 65 and 80 visiting college admission officers each fall. 入学 representatives meet with interested seniors (and sometimes juniors) in the College Office. If no students are available, one of us will meet with you to learn more about your institution. 请点击 在这里 to access our calendar of available visit times and to book your appointment. 

We are located in the middle of the 波士顿大学 campus, immediately next to the George Sherman Union (with a Starbucks, 美食广场, 便利店, 和自动取款机).

Nearby schools that you may consider visiting before or after bbin娱乐平台: Winsor School (Boston), Commonwealth School (Boston), Match Charter School (Boston), Brookline HS (Brookline), BB&N (Cambridge), or Cambridge Rindge & 拉丁语(剑桥).

Due to the unpredictability of traffic and public transportation, we encourage you to allow a few extra minutes for your travel time to campus.

By Public Transportation

Take the MBTA Green Line “B” trolley to the 波士顿大学 Central stop. Keeping the Marsh Chapel on your right and Radio Shack on your left, walk one block west to University Road and the Academy entrance.


Plug the following address into your GPS:
1 University Road, 波士顿,马萨诸塞州02215

查看一个 互动地图 of 波士顿大学’s Charles River Campus.


停车 is available in the Upper Bridge Lot (Lot H), adjacent to the Academy building. The parking lot entrance is on University Road w在这里 it intersects with Commonwealth Avenue. We will provide a parking pass for the lot by email in advance of your visit, which will contain a QR code you will scan for entry. If you have any difficulty accessing the lot, please call Rob O’Rourke at 617-353-9031. T在这里 are also parking meters along Commonwealth Avenue a block west of our school building. 

Watch a helpful video of how to park at bbin娱乐平台 在这里.